Parbet’s incentive scheme enables you to influence the level of your commission rate. It’s very simple – the more you bet, the lower your commission rate on your net winnings. When opening a Parbet account, you start with a commission rate of 4 %. Thanks to the incentive scheme, you can however lower your commission rate to as low as 1,5 %!

Each time you bet at Parbet, you will have points generated in your favour in purpose of lowering your commission rate, and regardless of whether you win or lose on a market. You earn your points in direct relation to your net winning or net loss on a market. One point is being earned for each winning or loss of € 10 on a market. Should you have an account in another value, your points will be calculated with regard to this.

If you for instance win € 70 on a market, you will earn seven points. Should you on the contrary lose € 20 on a market, you will still earn points, in this case two points.

The points are being put together on a weekly basis, and added to your scheme at midnight Sunday-to-Monday every week. The points you have earned over the last week are being added to your accumulated total point, but the accumulated total point from before the last week is being reduced by 15% every week.

For instance, let’s say you have 100 points at midnight Sunday-to-Monday. You will then have a commission rate of 3,8 % being applied on all your bets the following week. At the end of this week, your total point will be reduced by 15%, to a total of 85 points at midnight Sunday-to-Monday, but to this 85 points will be added the points earned from the week’s betting. Let’s say you have won € 400 (=40 points) and lost € 20 (=20 points) over the week. This will give you 52 points to be added to the 85 points you already have, which makes a total of 137 points and consequently you will have a commission rate of 3,7 % the following week.

The commission rate for a bet is valid as for the moment when a market is being decided, not for the moment when a bet is being placed or matched.

Find below the table showing how your points affect your commission rate.

Please feel free to contact our customer service should you have any remaining or further questions, [email protected]

Points Commission
63627 1.50%
56293 1.60%
49546 1.70%
43360 1.80%
37712 1.90%
32577 2.00%
27931 2.10%
23749 2.20%
20006 2.30%
16679 2.40%
13743 2.50%
11174 2.60%
8946 2.70%
7037 2.80%
5420 2.90%
4072 3.00%
2969 3.10%
2085 3.20%
1397 3.30%
880 3.40%
509 3.50%
261 3.60%
110 3.70%
60 3.80%
15 3.90%
0 4.00%