Parbet partner

Now you can earn money by driving traffic and customers to www.parbet.com! You stand no risk if there would be a loss and we share all the winnings with you! Joining the Parbet Partner Program is free of charge.

The program is really userfriendly. You get banners and hyperlinks from the Partner Pages. These hyperlinked banners will be linked to www.parbet.com from your website, and will contain tracking software to identify a customer who comes to www.Parbet.com directly through the advertisement on your site. When your visitors clicks the banner and starts betting with www.Parbet.com, the account is marked up in our system belonging to you as a Partner. Your commission starts when the first bet is placed.

You don't have to be a siteowner/have a site with banners to earn money via the Partner Program. You can instead REFER friends, relatives, fellow punters to www.Parbet.com and have them state YOUR CUSTOMERIDNR when registering at www.Parbet.com. You will then earn money on the generated commission your "referrals" generates. (see table below)

SAME terms and condition are applicable for both siteowners and tipsters. YOU'LL FIND THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON THE PARBET PARTNER REGISTRATION PAGE (click button below)

Multi Level Commission
www.Parbet.com Partner Program also takes the affiliate concept to a new dimension, giving you commission also on the customers your referrals/visitors refers - in five levels!

The business idea is to reward our loyal partners and customers, who recruit new customers. A practical example: a visitor of yours (1) clicks the banner and starts betting with www.Parbet.com. 1 then refers a friend (2), because he is a happy www.Parbet.com customer and because the program rewards him with even more money doing so. You then also earn a commission on not only 1, but also 2, 3, 4 and 5. Same process is applicable for tipsters. Check the tables below!

How it works
A variety of banners can be found under the link Banner Farm below, after you have logged in. You have to open an www.Parbet.com betting account to get access to the banners.

You will get your own statistical page when you have joined the program. All you do, when you have a normal www.parbet.com customer account, is join the program below. In the Partner section, you will be able view all the activity on your site like performance, number of sign ups and your earnings. You see the activity in realtime and payouts are made the beginning of each month, latest the 15th. The payout will go directly to your www.Parbet.com account.

Send an email to [email protected] and we will activate your affiliate account directly, send your username and www.Parbet.com account number.

Here you see how much you can earn:

level commission
1 20.00%
2 10.00%
3 5.00%
4 2.50%
5 1.25%